Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Twisted's Finished!

I got to write those ultra-rewarding two words today--The End. Twisted has proven to be a challenge to write, purely because there was so much to fit in, but I'm feeling very good about it. I said last time that Fallen was the longest novel in the series so far, but now I get to tell you that Twisted has taken that title, so you guys get even more Zeth & Sloane. There are a lot of revelations in this instalment. I hope you're prepared!

As promised, another little teaser for you guys. It's just a baby one this  time--I don't wanna give away all the best bits! Please bear in my that this is an UNEDITED and unrevised excerpt, and therefore may contain editorial errors. 


“Are you awake yet, Sloane?” I murmur against her skin.
“Maybe. Maybe not. Given what’s happening right now, I could still be asleep,” she moans.
A half smile pulls my mouth up to one side. Well, this is interesting. Really fucking interesting. “Oh, Sloane…have you been dreaming about me?”
Her eyes crack open, and she gazes at me, a small smile forming on her own lips. “Maybe.”
Oh, this is fucking perfect. I bite at her collarbone, pressing my dick up against her some more. I want to strip her naked and fuck her, but I want to hear about this first. “What have you been dreaming, angry girl?”
She drags her teeth over her bottom lip, shaking her head slightly. I think I’m gonna have to employ some corporal punishment to make her talk—she must see my thoughts on my face, because she swallows and then says, “Bad things.”
I ease back just enough that I can slide my hand in between our bodies, and then I slip my hand down the front of her PJs. “What kind of bad things?”
She inhales sharply when my fingers find what they’re looking for. She’s wet, yes, and not from the shower. There’s a distinct difference between the feel of the water battering our bodies and the silky, glossy texture of the wetness between her legs. It drives me fucking crazy. I find her clit, and I gently stroke the tips of my fingers against the small, swollen bud of nerve endings. I won’t give her more until she gives me what I want.
Sloane knows this.
“We were in your car,” she pants. “You pulled over to the side of the road and told me you were going to fuck me. I thought you were joking, but then you unzipped your pants and you were…you…” Her eyes travel down to my cock. It's right there, rigid between us, and just the power of her eyes on my hard skin makes me want to push her to her knees so she can take me into her mouth.
“I was what, Sloane?”
“You were hard. And big.” She swallows. “You took hold of my hand and closed my fist around you, and then you told me to make you come.”
“And did you?”
She nods slowly, her eyes still fixed on my dick. “Yes. I jerked you off while you sat in the driver’s seat, and when you came, I licked it off your skin and my hands. I licked you clean.”
This girl is seriously pushing my buttons now. I was the one who was supposed to be shocking her with my surprise sex, but it would seem she’s turning the tables on me. Even the words—her describing that action—is making it harder for me to hold back.
“Did you like it, Sloane? Did you like licking me clean?”
Her eyes lift to mine; with the water running down our faces, she does remarkably well not to blink as she looks at me. “Yes," she whispers. "Yes, I liked it very much.”


  1. Smokin' Hot! I can't wait to read the rest of Twisted.

  2. This is too hot can't wait for more

  3. Damn callie you kill me every time with these teasers! Twisted needs to be here already!! ♡♡♡♡

  4. These two are killing me :) but in a good way ;-)

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